1. Where can people follow you online, and who are your followers?

You can follow me on Instagram @hikewithrebeca. My followers are a mix of fellow hikers and rock climbers from the southwest and beyond. 

2. How long have you been actively using social media to share content?

I have been sharing outdoor adventures on Instagram since 2014. 

3. What led you to begin using social media as a platform, and how do your outdoor adventures fit that platform?

I first joined Instagram to not only share hiking photos, but to also learn about new places to explore in Arizona and around the world. The majority of the accounts I follow are outdoors related so I learn something new and get different perspectives every day. 

4. What does nature and the outdoors mean to you?

Nature and the outdoors provide both peace and a challenge for me. It is where I can relax and feel at ease to stretch far out of my comfort zone. 

5. How do you think social media and other communications can influence good stewardship of the outdoors?

A picture is worth a thousand words. By posting hikes, climbs, or road trips I have participated in, everyone can share in the excitement, the value of the land we recreate in, and the steps we are taking to protect our public lands. With my photos I hope to share lessons learned along the way (the good and the bad) to help others out in their journey with the outdoors. Through social media I also share causes and events that are close to my heart. As a community we can impact the places we love to recreate in. The more people that get involved in decisions involving our public lands, the better!

6. What else do you want people to know about you?

I am all about stewardship events for the outdoors! Whether that be a clean up, trail building/maintenance, or fundraiser count me in. Won’t you join me at the next stewardship event?