Where can people follow you online, and who are your followers?

I’m on Instagram as @cgoode18 and my followers are my friends and family as well as other adventurers!

Why did you start documenting your outdoor adventures and sharing them on social media?

I started documenting my outdoors adventures as a way to share my adventures with my friends and family, but it has turned into so much more for me to be able to also raise awareness and share safe recreational practices and information about our local places and activities.

How do you promote responsible recreation and good stewardship?

I promote responsible recreation practices by sharing leave no trace practices, not geo tagging specific fragile outdoor locations, and by using my photography skills to show the beauty of nature and what responsible recreation can lead to!

What does nature and the outdoors mean to you?

Nature and the outdoors is a huge part of my life! I love to fish, hike, hunt, and do wildlife photography! Nature is my happy place and I spend any amount of free time doing something outdoors it brings joy to me to be able to sit in the solitude of the wilderness and just reflect on life.

Where is your favorite place in Arizona to recreate and enjoy the outdoors?

I love the rim country of Arizona! Being an Arizona native from Payson I always love spending time in my home town and surrounding area! I also love the superstition mountain range and its rich history and adventures it holds!

What does it mean to be a Sonoran Insiders ambassador and why is it an important role to you?

Being a Sonoran insider is an awesome opportunity for me to share my passions with other like minded people and also educate others on how to keep these amazing places thriving for years to come! It’s a platform for me to share my love of the outdoors with everyone whether they’re avid adventurers or even new people looking for a place to start!

What else would you like people to know about you?

I’m a two-time cancer survivor who loves to help others enjoy the outdoors by spreading positivity and showing no matter what you’ve faced in life you can do whatever you set your mind to! I love getting people involved and started in enjoying the outdoors safely and responsibly.