1. Where can people follow you online, and who are your followers?

You can follow me online @jordanexplores on Instagram. Most of my followers are just other outdoor lovers and outdoor photographers and friends who just support and enjoy seeing what I do.

2. How long have you been actively using social media to share content?

I’ve been on social media since my teenage years, but I’ve only started using Instagram specifically to share my photography and my outdoor adventures!

3. What led you to begin using social media as a platform, and how do your outdoor adventures fit that platform?

I honestly had a personal account for many, many years and when I got into photography I wasn’t getting a lot of love for it there. So I went and started a new account as a place to post it all and here we are today.

4. What does nature and the outdoors mean to you?

It’s my home. It’s my peace, my solitude, and my everything.

5. How do you think social media and other communications can influence good stewardship of the outdoors?

Social media is just a wonderful vessel to connect other lovers of the outdoors to one another, and I think we just have a special aspect to our community where people will strive to preserve and protect they places they love, it allows us to connect and educate and reach far more people than we could ever meet in person.

6. What else do you want people to know about you?

Aside from the outdoors, I love music through and through and play guitar in my free time!