1. Where can people follow you online, and who are your followers?

Hi all! You can follow me at @o.bianca.nobi on Instagram. My followers are a blend of friends, family, outdoor enthusiasts, environmental justice folks, as well as outdoor diversity and inclusion groups.

2. How long have you been actively using social media to share content? 

I have been actively using social media for the last 3 years, but the content that I do share is a variety of types of information.

3. What led you to begin using social media as a platform, and how do your outdoor adventures fit that platform? 

My passion is to educate people on public lands, specifically those who don’t have proper information on how to access these areas. I want the outdoor recreation community to become more diverse and inclusive and I know educating different groups is at the forefront of that. 

What does nature and the outdoors mean to you?

Nature and the outdoors means so much to me, as it is a sense in which I connect with myself, those around me, and my roots. Growing up, the outdoors played a huge role in the way my family connected with their communities. Whether that be in our home country of Mexico or out here in the US. 

5. How do you think social media and other communications can influence good stewardship of the outdoors? 

I think that social media is a powerful tool used to share resources and communicate with others as it is a way of accessing information in real-time. It can be shared in all sorts of languages and different mediums to be interpreted by everyone. Accessing the outdoors can come with endless amounts of information, as a person new to that, it can be overwhelming. Social media helps organize it all in a way that is easy to articulate and breakdown.